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He may have finished second in the race, but @JonasFolger94 won the hearts of a nation at the 2017 #GermanGP! We… t.co/6U3hZUkePF

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Dani Pedrosa

Lots of courage and good luck mate!! @JonasFolger94 #staystrong

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A great pilot, an awesome opponent. Stay strong @JonasFolger94 The Aprilia team want you back on track soon! #Aprilia

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Cycle World

Superbike or Super Naked, which is the best bike for the track? We take an 2017 @ApriliaOfficial Tuono V4 1100 Fact… t.co/ulT2djFmmT

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A positive season with impressive progress. Many thanks to the Aprilia Racing team for the great job done. Let’s pr… t.co/cde1m92tCP

@MotoGP @AleixEspargaro @raquel_trujillo @motul It's been a super pleasure @raquel_trujillo !!!!

And now, go out for a ride. See you next year. #EICMA2017 #Aprilia t.co/7rnHTB1SeL

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Here we are! The last race of the season is starting, come on guys let’s make some noise! 💨🙌💪 🚥 #ValenciaGPt.co/QGIuac4WiT

Special Sunday in Valencia: @AleixEspargaro and @SamLowes22 are warming up for the last race of the season on board… t.co/aH1oKJyVDs

Buona partenza dalla terza fila per Aleix Espargaró. Ben fatto! 😎 🔝 t.co/iBFHp7OW4L t.co/nzslXWMJXQ

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Nice third row with Aleix Espargaró Well done! 😎 🔝 t.co/W9XqCBhuRQ t.co/QeXkw6yVoO

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P24 for @SamLowes22 after qualifying. It’s time to tackle the #ValenciaGP. 👍⚡ #Aprilia #beARacer t.co/Su8Ml0s2DK

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@AleixEspargaro will start from P8 in starting grid. Well done! 😎 🔝 #ValenciaGP #Aprilia #bearacer t.co/PmhBxQfwmL

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Quali-time! 👊🕑Go @AleixEspargaro and @SamLowes22, make us dream. 😍 #ValenciaGP #Aprilia #bearacer t.co/Runrfpx6QM

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Until the last turn! At the end of the season @Aleix @AleixEspargaro and @Sam @SamLowes22 are ready for a spectacul… t.co/U1PWge7pRn

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